22 3 / 2012

Blog #5: How H&M is succeeding at social media

The three social media platforms that H&M is doing really well in are Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The way they have created successful platforms is by constantly posting pictures. This makes sense since they are a fashion retailer.

H&M uses the Facebook page to share photos of upcoming clothing lines that will be released, such as the Marni line. These photos allow for Facebook fans of H&M to see the clothing before it is available in stores.

Much like the Facebook page, the H&M Twitter page tweets pictures of their clothing. With the launch of their Marni clothing line they tweet information about what locations the line is available at. H&M’s Twitter page is largely used to answer followers questions about H&M products, shopping online or expansion plans just to name a few.

H&M is currently the biggest brand on Google+ with 530,000 users adding H&M to their circle and it continues to grow. Like the rest of the social media platforms that H&M is on they use lots of pictures because they are a fashion brand. On Google+ H&M posts pictures or video every day. H&M tells their customers that they are getting to see the look first on Google+, this gives it a sense of exclusivity.

H&M is really smart when addressing social media. They not only post content but they also listen and interact with their customers.

What other fashion brands do you think are doing a good job on social media?

09 3 / 2012

Blog post #4: Marni launch at H&M

Yesterday (Thursday, March 8) was the launch of the Marni collection at H&M. I have been following the upcoming coverage of the launch. It has been highly covered by publications and blogs all over the world. After much hype about the line I decided to check out the collection online. And to be honest I’m not impressed, maybe it’s not my style but I just feel the clothing is way too over priced for what it is. In an article I read about the launch the designer of Marni, Consuelo Castiglioni, said that even though the clothing is being offered at a fraction of the price it is still of the same high quality as the full priced line. So that may be way the line is priced higher than other lines at H&M. The clothing line ranges from $24.95 to upwards of $129. This pricing isn’t bad, but for me it is too much. Maybe if I actually had a job than I would find spending that much money acceptable. Personally I just don’t like any of the prints in the collection and nothing has really wowed me. 

What do you think about the line? Is it too expensive? Do you like the prints?

Check out the collection here: http://www.hm.com/ca/